Filmgeschichte: Tag Gallagher

»Madame de … Passion's Triumph« I

Transkript der ersten Minuten von Tag Gallagher's Video-Essay über Max Ophüls Film

Transkript der ersten 2 1/2 Minuten von Tag Gallaghers 17 1/2 Minuten langem Videoessay Madame de... Passion's Triumph - 1, der als Bonusmaterial auf der 2006 erschienenen Second Sight Films Edition DVD und auf der 2008 erschienenen Edition der Criterion Edition von Max Ophüls' Madame de... (Frankreich 1953) zu finden ist.

Gallagher_Madame_0001 Gallagher_Madame_0002

At the end of Liebelei there's a shot of Christine that goes on for eternity.

Gallagher_Madame_0003 Ozu Weiß

She's in agony but we stare and stare. Long after decency demands we look away.

Gallagher_Madame_0003 Ozu Weiß

Christine makes us self-conscious and embarrassed. In fact it's Christine who's doing the looking. Looking for something to fill her void before she throws herself out of the window. It's Christine who is the subject and we are her objects, her audience.

Gallagher_Madame_0003 Ozu Weiß

The heart of a Max Ophüls movie is the heart of its subject.

Gallagher_Madame_0004 Ozu Weiß

Or sometimes two or three subjects intertwine.

Gallagher_Madame_0005 Ozu Weiß

Donati and Louise encounter each other for the first time at a custom station and begin a passion that will kill them.

Gallagher_Madame_0006 Gallagher_Madame_0007

Their fatal encounter takes just four shots.

Gallagher_Madame_0008 Gallagher_Madame_0009
Gallagher_Madame_0010 Gallagher_Madame_0011

Just four shots.

Gallagher_Madame_0012 Gallagher_Madame_0013
Gallagher_Madame_0014 Gallagher_Madame_0015

Der Kommentartext des Videoessays beruht auf Tag Gallaghers Text Max Ophuls: A New Art – But Who Notices?